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Applications 2019

Our Call to apply for the  Zeitenwanderer-festivals 2019 will start by the end of NOVEMBER! Please  return HERE to download the application form. Thank you!


Some dates:


16.-18. May 2019:   Straßen.Kunst.Festival Wiener Neustadt (AUT, Lower Austria)


26.-27. July 2019: StraßenKUNST + Musik Hallein (AUT, Salzburg)


xx.-xx. Aug. 2019: Inselzauber Langeoog (GER, Northsea, Frisia)

xx.-xx. Aug. 2019: Inselzauber Juist (GER, Northsea, Frisia)


30.-31. Aug. 2019: StraßenFESTIVAL Werne (GER, Westphalia)


28.-29. Sept. 2019: Straßenkunstfestival Straubing (GER, Bavaria)

... to be continued



Dear volunteers: feel free to contact us, if you are interested to help us at one (or more) of our festivals. (Minimum age 18 years)

Pictures of our Festivals

Inselzauber Langeoog (GER) 2017

Straßen.Kunst.Festival Wiener Neustadt (AUT) 2016, 2017, 2018

StraßenFESTIVAL Werne (GER) 2016, 2017

StraKuFe Partenkirchen (GER) 2016, 2017