Straßen.Kunst.Festival Wiener Neustadt (A)

Festival 2016

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Applications 2018

SOON you will find our first call for applications for festivals 2018 and our application forms here. It looks as if there would be a second call later, because there might be some more events to come.

Some festival-dates (information provided without guarantee!):

17.-19. May 2018:   Straßen.Kunst.Festival Wiener Neustadt (AUT)

31.Aug.-02.Sept.2018: StraßenFESTIVAL Werne (GER, Westphalia)

21.-23. Sept. 2018:  StraKuFe Partenkirchen (GER, Bavaria)

... to be continued!


 Informations for artists and application-forms will follow - application usually in November and December.

Please keep an eye on this pinboard, updates will follow. 


Dear artists: As we are always interested in improving our network (for the next buskers-festival-season, for bookings, ...), please send us an email and introduce yourself.

Dear volunteers: feel free to contact us, if you are interested to help us at one (or more) of our festivals.

Zeitenwanderer-Festivals 2017

18.-20. May:    Straßen.Kunst.Festival Wiener Neustadt (AUT)


25./26. Aug.:   Norder Sommerfest (GER, Ostfriesland)


28.-30. Aug.:   INSELZAUBER  -    internationale Straßenkunsttage auf der Nordseeinsel Langeoog (GER, North Sea Island)

1.-2. Sept.:       StraßenFESTIVAL Werne  (GER, Westphalia)


22./23. Sept.:  StraKuFe Partenkirchen (GER, Bavaria)

Pictures Festivals 2016

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Straßen.Kunst.Festival Wiener Neustadt (AUT) 2016

StraßenFESTIVAL Werne (GER) 2016


StraKuFe Partenkirchen (GER) 2016