AltstadtZAUBER Soest

Festival 2023  (Premiere)

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(c) Wirtschaft und Marketing Soest, Gero Sliwa

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Preview: Zeitenwanderer-Festivals 2024


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17.-18. May 2024:   Straßen.Kunst.Festival Wiener Neustadt (AUT, Lower Austria)


07.-09. June 2024: AltstadtZAUBER Soest (GER, Westphalia)


17.-18. Aug. 2024: Straßenkunstfestival Essen (GER, North Rhine)


20.-27. Aug. 2024:  Inselzauber Northsea-Islands (GER, Lower Saxony) - Juist (20.-21. Aug.)  |  Langeoog (23.-24. Aug.)  |  Wangerooge (26.-27. Aug.)


30.-31. Aug. 2024: StraßenFESTIVAL Werne (GER, Westphalia)


06.-07. Sept. 2024: Bravissimo! St. Pöltens Straßenspektakel (AUT, Lower Austria)


20.-22. Sept. 2024: StraKuFe Partenkirchen (GER, Bavaria)


Applications 2024

Application-Call 2023 for our streetperformers: 04. December 2023 - 20. January 2024, ONLINE application form only!  LINK 

Water is a human RIGHT!

& Stop killing our planet with water bottles!

Together we support drinking water projects where the population has no access to clean water. Viva con Agua!

Together with YOU we want to fight plastic bottle pollution. We are fortunate to have top quality tap water - stop buying bottled water!


We stand up for drinking water wells at our festivals[more]

Stellenausschreibung Mitarbeiter*in zur Entwicklung von Outdoor Escape Spielen Job Teilzeit

Nebenjob: Straßenkunst-Festival-CREW


Fallweise Beschäftigung, Dienstorte: v.a. Österreich & Deutschland

Infos & Bewerbung: LINK

2 Junior Wildcards - for young talents!

2018 we created a  Junior Wildcard for new and upcoming performers to participate in our Street-FESTIVAL in Werne. An opportunity to gain street theatre experience in a professional setting. Since 2023 we are offering a SECOND Junior Wildcard with our festival BRAVISSIMO in St. Poelten (Austria). -

You are YOUNG, TALENTED and quite NEW as a streetperformer? You have a promising STREETSHOW already? Then you're welcome to apply for our Junior Wildcards (Application Call 04. December 2023 - 20. January 2024, ONLINE application form only)


Pictures of our Festivals

AltstadtZAUBER Soest (GER)  2023

StraßenFESTIVAL Werne (GER)  2016 - 2023

Straßen.Kunst.Festival Wiener Neustadt (AUT)  2016 - 2023

StraKuFe Partenkirchen (GER)  2014 - 2023

BRAVISSIMO St. Pölten (AUT)  2022 - 2023

Straßenkunstfestival Essen (GER)  2022 - 2023

Straßenkunstfestival Kaiserslautern (GER)   2019, 2023

Northsea Tour Norderney, Langeoog, Juist, ... (GER)  2017 - 2023

Adriatic Tour Mali Losinj, Selce / Crikvenica (HRV)  2019

SUNSET Shows Podersdorf (AUT)  2020 - 2022