Junior Wildcard

Jumpstart for young Talents

We offer a  JUNIOR WILDCARD  for 2 of our festivals: StreetFESTIVAL Werne (Germany) and BRAVISSIMO St. Poelten (Austria).
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The Junior Wildcards are intended for young, talented artists who are or want to become street performers, who are at the very beginning of their career AND who have already developed a promising street show.


So far we had Junior Talents from Italy, Germany and the USA, most of them recently graduated from circus school.


We created the Junior Wildcards for new and upcoming performers to participate in one of our festivals without a long list of references. It is an opportunity to gain street theatre experience.


What they get:

  • Travel allowance
  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • They perform 3 to 4 shows, the hat-money is all theirs of course.
  • And the most important part: we give them feedback on their performance, and also on their application. When it comes to show feedback, “we” doesn’t just mean the agency, it includes all fellow artists.

Liam and Ripley (USA) got one of the Junior Wildcards in 2023 and took part in our StreetFESTIVAL Werne (Germany):

"One of the things that I appreciated the most about being the Junior Wildcard was that it made it easy to embrace the role of the newcomer. It gave us space to ask a lot of questions and the festival team and other artists were very generous in giving advice. We came away with a lot of feedback about how to make our show more engaging and gathered so many useful tips about how to improve the promotion of our show for next year."

Foto: Werne Marketing, Nicole Friedrich
Foto: Werne Marketing, Nicole Friedrich

Gina, the "Lady in Red" (GER), got our Junior Wildcard to participate in the StreetFESTIVAL Werne in 2022. Ginas Story:

"Tobias asked me, if I would like to accept the Junior Wildcard for the StreetFESTIVAL in Werne. He took a lot of time for me and clarified many questions before my first street performance festival experiences even began.


I had already been performing with my Cyr on the street for 1.5 years, and now I was allowed to showcase my solo show alongside many incredible international artists, whom I met on an equal footing and who also took the time to answer my questions. I learned a lot about street performance and the tricks how to bring a good dynamic into the show.


Due to the smaller number of shows compared to the other artists I was able to take the time to reflect, make small changes, watch other artists, and most importantly, take the time to create an incredible video during the shows.


I had full hats, that can be compared to a gala fee, so it is also worthwhile, even though the fee was definitely not the most important thing for me during that weekend.


I am infinitely grateful and happy for everyone who gets to experience these moments as well."

You're a Junior Talent and want to apply?

Use our online application form from the beginning of December until 20th January to apply for our festivals.

Continued Collaboration


We receive several hundred applications every year. We have been working with some of our artists on and off for more than 10 years, and we consciously always bring new artists on board. We are particularly pleased when the collaboration with (the best of) our Junior Wildcard Talents continues over the years. It's nice to see how they keep evolving themselfs and their shows.

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Preview: Zeitenwanderer-Festivals 2024


... so far:


17.-18. May 2024:   Straßen.Kunst.Festival Wiener Neustadt (AUT, Lower Austria)


07.-09. June 2024: AltstadtZAUBER Soest (GER, Westphalia)


17.-18. Aug. 2024: Straßenkunstfestival Essen (GER, North Rhine)


20.-27. Aug. 2024:  Inselzauber Northsea-Islands (GER, Lower Saxony) - Juist (20.-21. Aug.)  |  Langeoog (23.-24. Aug.)  |  Wangerooge (26.-27. Aug.)


30.-31. Aug. 2024: StraßenFESTIVAL Werne (GER, Westphalia)


06.-07. Sept. 2024: Bravissimo! St. Pöltens Straßenspektakel (AUT, Lower Austria)


20.-22. Sept. 2024: StraKuFe Partenkirchen (GER, Bavaria)


Applications 2024

Application-Call 2023 for our streetperformers: 04. December 2023 - 20. January 2024, ONLINE application form only!  LINK 

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2 Junior Wildcards - for young talents!

2018 we created a  Junior Wildcard for new and upcoming performers to participate in our Street-FESTIVAL in Werne. An opportunity to gain street theatre experience in a professional setting. Since 2023 we are offering a SECOND Junior Wildcard with our festival BRAVISSIMO in St. Poelten (Austria). -

You are YOUNG, TALENTED and quite NEW as a streetperformer? You have a promising STREETSHOW already? Then you're welcome to apply for our Junior Wildcards (Application Call 04. December 2023 - 20. January 2024, ONLINE application form only)


Pictures of our Festivals

AltstadtZAUBER Soest (GER)  2023

StraßenFESTIVAL Werne (GER)  2016 - 2023

Straßen.Kunst.Festival Wiener Neustadt (AUT)  2016 - 2023

StraKuFe Partenkirchen (GER)  2014 - 2023

BRAVISSIMO St. Pölten (AUT)  2022 - 2023

Straßenkunstfestival Essen (GER)  2022 - 2023

Straßenkunstfestival Kaiserslautern (GER)   2019, 2023

Northsea Tour Norderney, Langeoog, Juist, ... (GER)  2017 - 2023

Adriatic Tour Mali Losinj, Selce / Crikvenica (HRV)  2019

SUNSET Shows Podersdorf (AUT)  2020 - 2022